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LMD005 - Tatra T18

LMD005 - Tatra T18

The Tatra T18 was a Czechoslovakian armored draisine designed in 1925. Six examples were purchased by Poland and were still in use at the start of the Second World War. This collection of digital files will allow you to print and build your very own model in 1/35 scale. 52 parts, with a completed model being 5.12" x 3.03" x 2.79" (130mm x 77mm x 71mm). Printing pads in a few sizes are provided to allow for small parts to be printed in groups. A detailed set of instructions is included, which is also available on ScaleMates for those who would like a preview of what the build entails.


Included Files:
Tatra T18 - Body.stl
Tatra T18 - Bottom Plate.stl
Tatra T18 - Crank.stl
Tatra T18 - Door Latch.stl
Tatra T18 - Headlight A.stl
Tatra T18 - Headlight B.stl
Tatra T18 - Headlight Cover.stl
Tatra T18 - Headlight Glass.stl
Tatra T18 - Hotchkiss MG.stl
Tatra T18 - Print Pad 25x25.stl
Tatra T18 - Print Pad 50x50.stl
Tatra T18 - Print Pad 70x20.stl
Tatra T18 - Rail Bracket A.stl
Tatra T18 - Rail Bracket B.stl
Tatra T18 - Rail.stl
Tatra T18 - Railroad Assembly.stl
Tatra T18 - Rails Print Bed.stl
Tatra T18 - Side Door Handle.stl
Tatra T18 - Side Panel Hooks.stl
Tatra T18 - Towing Hook.stl
Tatra T18 - Towing Loop.stl
Tatra T18 - Towing Mount.stl
Tatra T18 - Towing Pin.stl
Tatra T18 - Towing Rod.stl
Tatra T18 - Turret.stl
Tatra T18 - Underside Detail.stl
Tatra T18 - Wheel.stl
LMD005 Tatra T18 Instructions.pdf
Total size: 305MB

Largest Part Dimensions:
5.12" x 3.03" x 0.41" (130mm x 77mm x 10.5mm)

Recommended Resins:
Clear resin for the headlight glass
Flexible resin can be useful for thin walled and small parts

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