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LMD014 - Type 95 Ha-Go Light Tank

LMD014 - Type 95 Ha-Go Light Tank

The Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go in 1/35 scale. Two part hull design allows for printing supports to be placed on mating surfaces, so no detail needs to be removed during the cleanup process. Single piece track runs allow you to print the most tedious part of tank modeling in a single step. The instructions can be viewed at for a detailed look of how the kit goes together. 


Included Files:
38 .stl files and one instruction .pdf in a zip file.
Total size: 800MB

Largest Part Dimensions:
4.75" x 2.0" x 1" (121mm x 52mmx 25mm)

Recommended Resins:
Clear resin for the headlight glass
Resin suitable for thin walled and small detail parts

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