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LMD017 - Holland Submarine 1899

LMD017 - Holland Submarine 1899

The Holland submarine as it was during its trials in 1899, a year before being commissioned as the first modern submarine in the US Navy. In 1/48 scale the model comes in at over 13.5" long. The hull is broken down into three sections, with the option of printable pedestals to display the model. Well detailed with gratings, cleats, conning tower and rudder/planes controls, this will print up into a well detailed and visually interesting model. 

Build pictures are from my completed build. For the rigging I used Ropes of Scale's 0.35mm black polyester rope.


Included Files:
30 .stl files and one instruction .pdf in a zip file.
Total size: 700mb

Largest Part Dimensions:
Hull Sections
Width: 2.64" (67mm)
Height: 2.64" (67mm)
Length: 4.8" (122mm)
Length: 5.9" (150mm)

Recommended Resins:
No specific resins required

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